UTAU-Synth for GNU/Linux is designed to replace both Moresampler and v.Connect-STAND. Existing UTAUloids can be reused, but they need to be converted to the Sekai VVD format first. The VVD format is a compressed format which makes resynthesis simpler, therefore UTAU-Synth will be faster than the original UTAU synthesizer. As concatenation is done in the spectral domain the sound quality will be much better, when continuous sound sources are being used.

UTAU-Synth will be implemented as both a stand alone executable that reads a standard MIDI file and a plugin for QTau. No installation of Cadencii or UTAU is needed, you can use any MIDI editor for composing songs. Rosegarden is known to work well with various singing synthesizers. As QTau is backwards compatible to UTAU, users can import existing USTs and VSQs while keeping vocal dynamics and other things that MIDI does not support.

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